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Step by Step - The Renovation of Yakima Central Library

Making extensive changes to a public building requires vision, planning, and money. It can be a challenging process with more needs and ideas than money. Library Board members and administrators had to figure out which changes needed to happen and which changes would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. To do this they inspected the building, then gathered input from the public and staff members. The result was a three phase plan with intertwining goals and timelines.

Phase I. Early in the process the trustees and administrators learned that the failing mechanical systems in the building would have to be replaced immediately.

Phase II. The next step was finding room to accomodate the staff and equipment required to run the library. Phase II converted the basement Auditorium into a modern office.

Phase III. The top priority was moving the public restrooms from the basement to the main floor. Increasing the number of public computers and relocating the public service desk were also identified as high priority goals.

Follow the links below to learn how the Yakima Valley Libraries Board of Trustees, the library administrators and library staff members worked together to renovate Yakima Central Library.

  June 30, 2009 Board members investigate the condition of Yakima Cental Library building Phase I
  August 17, 2009 Trustees and administrators meet to discern and prioritize needed changes Phase I
  August 25, 2009 Trustees authorize upgrading the HVAC system at Yakima Central Phase I
  October 27, 2009 Building a timeline - what needs to be done and in what order Phase I
  February 23, 2010 Auditorium space planning Phase II
  May 25, 2010 Heating and air conditioning replacement plan Phase I
  May 25, 2010 Resolution #10-005 Authorizing contract award for emergency HVAC renovation Phase I
  May 25, 2010 Planning for the future Phase I
  June 29, 2010 Replacing the HVAC system is well underway Phase I
  July 27, 2010 Progress report on HVAC renovation Phase I
  August 24, 2010 HVAC replacement on schedule and under budget Phase I
  September 28, 2010 Contractor conducting HVAC tests Phase I
  September 28, 2010 Trustees and Director Hixson discuss space configuration options for the new layout Phase II
  October 26, 2010 Board members inspect installed HVAC equipment with Director Hixson and Deputy Director McCracken Phase I
  October 26, 2010 Traffic flow study to understand how interior spaces are used Phase III
  January 24, 2011 Relocating public restrooms a top priority Phase III
  March 28, 2011 Contractor selected for Yakima Central Auditorium Conversion to office space Phase II
  March 28, 2011 HVAC renovation results in savings Phase I
  April 25, 2011 Auditorium renovation on schedule Phase II
  May 23, 2011 Budget and priorities set for renovation of the main floor of Yakima Central Library Phase III
  May 23, 2011 Accounting department moves into the new office space Phase II
  July 25, 2011 Trustees authorize a comprehensive study of the wiring capacity of the building for planning purposes Phase III
  July 25, 2011 Completion of HVAC system results in rebate from Pacific Power Phase I
  August 22, 2011 Architects offer library layout design options Phase III
  September 25, 2011 Remodel design in final phase of approval Phase III
  October 24, 2011 Director Hixson reports on the growing need to relocate the public restrooms. Phase III
  November 14, 2011 Plans to provide library services during construction Phase III
  December 19, 2011 Main library to be closed during the renovation Phase III
  January 5, 2012 Construction begins on Yakima Central renovation Phase III
  January 23, 2012 Staff work hard, weeding and moving the collection Phase III
  February 28, 2012 Director Hixson commends public service staff for their excellent work during the renovation process Phase III
  March 26, 2012 More power required for expanded computer plaza Phase III
  April 23, 2012 Board members and administrators review layout and furnishings of computer plaza Phase III
  April 23, 2012 Change orders approved Phase III
  May 15, 2012 Moving into the newly renovated library Phase III
  May 16, 2012 News announcement of library closure Phase III
  May 19, 2012 Downtown library set to reopen Monday Phase III
  May 21, 2012 Pictures of the completed remodeled Yakima Central Library Phase III

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